My subscription

  1. Analyse my subscription regarding my main office, type of desk, number of seats and working schedule.

  2. See if my package allows me to switch between offices or not.

  3. Update my details to facilitate my onboarding process. 

  4. Update my billing details (Company, Address, Fiscal Number) to avoid invoicing issues.

My community

  1. Verify who are my Community Manager and Coworking assistants, as well the housekeeper.

  2. Identify the other coworkers, companies and team members working on the same office.

  3. Introduce myself to the community members. Invite someone for a coffee.

My office

  1. Visit the facility.

  2. Locate the meeting room, coffee area and WC and fire extinguishers.

  3. Be ware of required access codes like internet password, alarms codes, security cameras

  4. Ask someone to show you which equipments and how to switch them off  when you are the last one leaving the office.

My room and desk

  1. The Deluxe subscription provides a private room for subscription members

  2. The Premium subscription allows (but don't requires) to have a dedicated desk/seat, and you don't have to change if you don't want to.

  3. The Basic subscription allows you to get an available desk.

  4. Always keep your room and desk clean. Avoid to leave your stuff on the office.


  1. Update my profile so that the community knows me better.

  2.  To avoid issues I should review the etiquette.

  3. Invite someone to join my community. I'll send him my voucher code.

  4. Enjoy the coworking.